Unni Greene

Certified Master Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer
Specialist in Exercise Therapy
Specialist in Sports Nutrition
Nutrition Expert
Contest Preparation Coach
Published Author
The Diet Diva

Unni Greene grew up in Sweden as a semiprofessional figure skater. Having moved to Miami in the early 1980’s she earned her B.A. from the University of Miami. Unni is in her 50’s and the mother of four children who has dedicated her life to help others achieve optimal health and fitness through a positive attitude combined with the right exercise and proper nutrition.

Unni is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Certified Sport’s Nutrition Coach and a Certified Master Trainer. She holds certifications from N.F.P.T, N.A.S.M. and I.S.S.A. Unni is also National Level N.P.C. Bikini Competitor and highly sought-after Competition Prep Coach as well as an NPC Promoter.

Unni is known as “the Diet Diva”, through her extensive knowledge and expertise in nutrition and diet. As one of the most well-respected fitness and nutrition authorities in the country Unni has helped thousands of people from all seven continents successfully reach their fitness and weight goals through training and diet. You can get her book Eat More To Lose More where Unni has put all her top nutrition, workout and mental training knowledge and secrets together in one easy to use, fail proof guide.

Unni is the host of the Janet TV Show “Your Best Body Ever”, as well as Senior Writer and Official Diet and Exercise Coach for JanetTV, Sport’s Channel for Women and The Miamian by Miami Community Newspapers as well as a regular contributor to Inspire Health Magazine and other publications.

Unni works with super star athletes, fitness model competitors, boxers, mothers, fathers, youth, the elderly and more. Unni also offers group exercise classes and personal training at SoMi Fitness, her private, exclusive 2,000 sq. ft. training facility in South Miami Florida. As a nutrition supplement specialist, Unni can create a personalized nutrition and supplement regimen for you and provide personal phone and e-mail consultations.

Unni is also the creator of the Diet Diva De-Lites, a protein rich, gluten free, sugar free, low carb, and all natural 110 calorie treat that can be ordered directly at www.dietdivadelites.com