Julian Diasa

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Class Instructor

Born in the Dominican Republic and living part of his childhood in Puerto Rico, Julian developed very particular skills in most sports played as a child. he mainly highlighted three elements; speed, agility and strength that had at an early age and despite of not having a highly athletic body, as he was particularly thin. this is when unconsciously he developed a close relationship with sports, seeking to improve his physique. at the age of 17, Julian embarked on an adventure to travel to his native Dominican Republic to follow one of his passions: baseball. he came back to his country to train under the tutelage of one of the most outstanding players not only the Dominican baseball but also the big leagues. during the next 2 years, he was forged as a top athlete discovering that not only talent was required, but also it was necessary to have a lot of discipline, dedication and sacrifice some things in order to reach the goals on a sporting level and at that moment is when he discovered a passion for fitness. because the physical preparation of his mentor included weight training, functional training, resistance bands, plyometrics, speed drills, agility drills, endurance and reaction time drills among other things, Julian was introduced to this type of training for which he started feeling an immense enthusiasm and learning about the effect that these stimuli had on the performance and capacity of an average person, not just an athlete. over time Julian learned and polished the skills in these workouts and began to apply the fundamental principles of these disciplines other than baseball. having practiced different types of sports such as volleyball, basketball, track and field, and boxing, Julian initially saw an opportunity to help his teammates, housewives, office workers, people in general which did not have the access to such training.

those words motivated Julian to make the decision to engage in fitness and wellness permanently and full time. dedicated to helping as many people as possible, Julian has devoted his time to studying and searching the new trends in the nutrition area as well as in the physical training field. his main goal is to impact as many people as possible and work positively to their wellness both physically and emotionally.