Spring Into Fitness

March 13,2018 / 0 Comments / Spring Into Fitness

Spring is just around the corner, and this is a time when many of us do a spring cleaning of our homes, but what about other areas of our lives as well? How about a “spring cleaning” of your fitness routine?

Cleaning usually means going through what we have and discarding things that no longer serve us or work for us. This concept can be applied to fitness and nutrition. Here are some steps to consider taking if you want to clean up your fitness.

Change it up

Look at what you’re doing now, are you seeing results, or has your body and fitness level stagnated? For a workout regiments to remain effective you must periodically change the intensity, the load, the method or the speed of your exercise. For instance, if you are used to doing weight training and lifting sets for 12 reps, try changing it up to increase your rep range to 20. If you have been running to increase your lung capacity and cardiovascular health, consider changing to biking or swimming to gain a whole diverse set of benefits.

Take advantage of daylight savings time

As we gain another hour of daylight, put it to use for enjoying activities outside in the evening. Walking is a great exercise that is minimal impact and can be as strenuous as you want to make it.

Try something new

Spring means rebirth. If you have been working out by yourself in a gym, try changing it up by trying new activities that you may like. Maybe you can join a running group or a boot camp group class at a local gym or try a whole different activity to challenge your mind and muscles and make new gains.

Hire a trainer

Sometimes a fitness professional can prove invaluable even to seasoned athletes, by providing accountability, motivation, changing workouts and variety in your routine. A good trainer can also challenge you to reach new levels in fitness while providing the primary function of safety.

Clean up your eating habits

Spring is a wonderful time to look at the primary aspect of weight management, health, and eating habits. As I always say, what you eat is 80% of how you look. Start by going through your cabinets. Give away foods that is mostly empty calories and you know you should not eat such as candy, cookies, chips, sugary snacks or sodas. If you don’t have them at home when cravings strike, chances are a lot smaller that you will fall for temptation.

Stay motivated

Many of us made lofty new year’s resolutions, and at this time some of those resolutions are distant memories at best. To stay motivated through the year, consider signing up for a competition, scheduling a photo shoot or booking a weekend on the beach. When you have a future event where you must look or perform your best, you will surely be more likely to follow your workout routine and eat clean.

These are some of the tips for cleaning up your fitness routine for spring. For additional assistance or information, please contact me at SoMiFitness@gmail.com or check out our website http://www.somifitness.com


Unni Greene, The Diet Diva

C.M.T., C.S.N.S.