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It is our goal to share our extensive knowledge in training and nutrition with you, so that you too can reach your physical peak and stay there. We are completely dedicated to improving your health, fitness and well-being and will give you all the tools, support and motivation to get there.

SoMi Fitness Training Facility. Our state of the art facility offers the best equipment for personal training with the most sought after trainers in South Florida. We also offer several daily group classes which will challenge you to achieve your physical peak, all in a fun, safe environment. 

We also offer a vast array of training options, nutrition counseling and much more. Please click on the “Services” link to see which options will work best for you.

Training the SoMi Fitness Way

The Four Pillars

Training programs are created around the four pillars of mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. Proper mindset is needed before beginning any program in order to become focused and dedicated to reaching the desired goal. Proper nutrition provides the foundational support to maximize the benefits of training. Training movement patterns ensures that all exercises support the specific physical needs of athletes and clients, while recovery provides essential regeneration of muscles, allowing the body to re-energize and prepare for the next day’s activity.

Individualized Training

In order to achieve maximum results, SoMi Fitness builds training programs so that each athlete or client has a program tailored specifically to their individual needs and goals. Before starting any program, a series of assessments—the Functional Movement Screen and power testing—are performed to measure an individual’s physical state. Nutrition consultations support training with pre- and post-training supplementation and meal strategies designed to maximize gains and help clients reach their body composition goals. These tests allow our specialists to create a customized and integrated training program designed to fully support the needs and goals of each individual.

Education for Success

A major component of every training program is education. By providing education on proper movement, nutrition choices, and recovery techniques, athletes and clients are better prepared to improve their physical performance. At the same time, they’re decreasing their potential for injury and creating sustainable performance and results during their athletic career and life, allowing them to continue their training outside of our facility.

World-Class Facilities

In order to reach peak performance, it’s essential to train in a facility that offers world-class equipment and technology. All our machines and equipment are hand picked to be the best ones available. We constantly upgrade our facility to offer only the best equipment and techniques available so that you can safely and efficiently reach all your fitness goals.

Additional Services

If you prefer to work out in a group setting, our classes are a very affordable way to get into top physical shape quickly. They are all fun and highly effective. Click on the “Classes” button to find out more about these exciting programs.

Our “Eating Programs” are completely personalized and offer unparalleled results. Check it out and get started on learning how to eat to lose body fat and stay lean and healthy for life.

In our “Gallery,” you can browse through some of our pictures to see who trains with us and get motivated. We also post advice and news on nutrition, health and interesting items from the NPC and IFBB. 

Our “Trainers” page tells you a little more about us, Unni Greene and William Del Sol, the owners of SoMi Fitness, as well as the other highly sought after specialists at SoMi.
We are passionate about total health and fitness and practice what we preach. We have decades of experience in the fitness industry and we are uniquely qualified to help you reach your own peak fitness level. Some examples of people we train are professional athletes, national level physique competitors, high school athletes, world champion boxers as well as regular women and men looking to get into the best shape possible. Now it is YOUR turn to dedicate yourself to fitness and a healthy life style to give yourself the gift of becoming the best YOU possible.

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