Family fitness fun for summer

June 05,2018 / 0 Comments / Family fitness fun for summer

It’s summer time. For many families, this means more time to spend together and enjoy the longer days. Also, as the temperatures climb, we are wearing clothing that covers less than we can get away with in winter. This makes many of us make an extra effort to maintain or even ramp up our fitness routines and eating habits during the summer months. For some, summer is less structured, and the kids or maybe the whole family falls into lazy habits and end up slacking off on their health and fitness. But with adult and childhood obesity rates skyrocketing, and type 2 diabetes becoming our most serious health threat, we cannot afford to ignore the consequences of inactivity and a poor diet. How can we take advantage of summer to get the family back in shape together?

  • Enjoy the freedom of fewer after-school activities. Make plans to enjoy a family fitness activity together in the early evenings when the heat is less intense, and you can still enjoy daylight. Go for a walk, a bike ride or if you have access to a pool, go for a swim. Pick fun activities together and put them on your calendar to make sure that you stick to it.


  • If your children are old enough, you can create a “family fitness challenge.” Record everyone’s weight and add some fitness measures such as how many pushups each person can do, or how fast they can jog one mile. Keep a log of your activities and pick a date to re-measure and an end date to celebrate the winner. Make sure that the “prize” is fun and motivating. A fitness challenge can be very inspiring and rewarding for the whole family.


  • Resolve to eat better. Visit one of the local farmer’s markets that are cropping up all over South Florida. Not only will you be teaching your children about the benefits of eating local, in season fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also enjoy an outing together. Enjoy your purchases with a home cooked meal that you prepare together.


  • Don’t give up. To keep children motivated, plan fun “rewards” for staying busy. Teenagers especially may be more interested in their social networking skills than their fitness prowess. Get them off the phone and off the couch by setting a notable example and by enlisting them to help chose activities. You might even give video fitness games a try as a family. By the time fall rolls around your fitness routine could be the beginning of a life-long habit.


Unni Greene

Master Trainer