How to keep a healthy heart for you Valentine!

How to keep a healthy heart for you Valentine!

Written by Unni Greene on 12.02.2019. Posted in Fitness Blog MIami

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day the start of giving your own heart some love to stay healthy and fit. This is the time of year when we focus on the heart and romance, but ironically Valentine’s Day is mostly associated with candy and sugar, which are both inflammatory and not heart healthy. Many factors contribute to a healthy heart, such as following a heart healthy diet, enjoying regular exercise and taking supplements that support cardiovascular health. […]

Healthier Food Options for the Super Bowl

Written by Unni Greene on 01.02.2019. Posted in Fitness Blog MIami

Superbowl Sunday is almost here and we are all ready to settle in for the Big Game and get some great foods to snack on. We scoured the internet to find some healthier versions of classic Super bowl fare, and here are some recipes and ideas we found, and even though you may not be a huge football fan, chances are you will be watching at least some of this big game and having some of the Super Bowl fare as well.  Football viewing usually comes along with chicken wings, chips, dips and plenty of beer. In fact, the average calorie consumption during the big game is a whopping 1,236.  Below you will find some recommendations on how to make this year’s Super Bowl Party a lot healthier and easier on your waistline. […]

Start Your New Year With A Five Day Cleanse

Written by Unni Greene on 02.01.2019. Posted in Fitness Blog MIami

Congratulations, you now have a great tool to jump start the new year with a
cleanse that will prime your system for FAT LOSS without starvation or headaches.
Your LIVER is your major fat burning organ. By cleansing, you will rid the liver and
your body of toxins that have been accumulated throughout the holidays, and you
will be primed to increase your fat loss in the New Year. On this Cleanse, you get to
eat foods, but you must follow the plan exactly and NOT eat any added sugar, salt,
dairy or processed foods and no alcohol. You start the day with your breakfast
drink upon waking and have your first shake within 30 minutes. Try to eat every
three hours to prevent a drop in your metabolism.